Passion, Sex & Seduction Package

How to seduce your wife


Do you feel sexually undesired by your partner?

Is the sexual excitement that once existed in your relationship nowhere to be found?

Has deep passion given way to ho-hum, going-through-the-motions sex?

Do you yearn for greater sexual intimacy and emotional connection in your marriage/relationship?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you are not alone. You can attest to the importance of sexual intimacy and fulfillment in your relationship…

…and you’ve experienced the pain and frustration of a relationship lacking passion, sex and intimacy.


When it comes to sex in marriage and committed relationships, too many of us have lost our way:


 sex in marriage  Busy schedules and competing priorities have gotten in the way;

 intimacy in marriage  Feelings of hurt and rejection have pulled you further apart;

 intimacy in marriage  You’ve fallen into a sexual rut—sexual routines have become lifeless;

 sex and intimacy  The stresses of life (work, parenting, dealing with aging parents, etc.) have dampened desire;

 seduction in marriage  Sexual incompatibilities (i.e., one of you has low sexual desire) have taken their toll in and out of the bedroom;

 spice up the bedroom  It’s a struggle to shift from work or parenting mode to feeling sexual;

 sexual intimacy in marriage  What should be fun and spontaneous has started to feel like an obligation;

 sexual intimacy in marriage  Attempts to connect sexually seem to fizzle and fall flat, despite your efforts.


You’re not alone if you and your partner struggle with maintaining sexual passion and fulfillment


“I used to feel so sexual and romantic. And then after we had kids, my libido just crashed big time. I feel bad for my husband, but the truth is, I’m rarely in the mood.”

~Kristine, married eleven years

Sexually, I’m bored. We do the same thing over and over, and I’d like to try something new sexually, but I’m worried about what my wife would think if I shared some of my sexual feelings and thoughts with her.”

~Larry N., Anchorage, AK – married six years

“We’re just tired all the time. Between our work schedules and chauffeuring the kids around with all their activities, I can’t imagine ever feeling sexual again!

~ Carmen Z., New Orleans, LA – with her partner for twenty-two years

“Whenever we have sex I really enjoy it… But I’m tired of always being the one to initiate sex. I want to be pursued once in a while. I want to feel like my husband wants me sexually, but I can’t remember the last time he initiated sex.”

~ Elaine B., Charlotte, NC – married fourteen years


Too many of us struggle with sexual and physical intimacy—large numbers of couples who come to see me in counseling are at a loss for how to create a passionate marriage or relationship.

Perhaps you experienced fulfilling sex at some point in your relationship only to have this slip away; or maybe sexual fulfillment was never a reality for you and your partner. In either case, the emotional cost of a passionless or sexless marriage can be significant and can negatively impact other areas of your relationship.


But There Is Hope for Couples…

I’ve also worked with many couples who transformed their marriage or relationship—for these couples, a relationship once devoid of sexual passion grew into a union alive with deeper passion, sensuality, and sexual intimacy.

The strides these couples made inspired me to create this passion, sex, intimacy and seduction package.

I’m excited to share this information with you and your spouse/partner!


In the Sex, Passion & Seduction package, you’ll discover:

How to spice up your marriageThe common obstacles that can impede passion and intimacy;

How to spice up your marriageHow to use the art of seduction and teasing to stir sexual desire in your partner/spouse and enhance your sex life overall;

How to spice up your marriageThe deep-seated attitudes that can undermine sexual desire and sexual expression;

How to spice up your marriageThe same powerful questions and exercises I use in my couples counseling practice. The hands-on format of my e-book gives you and your partner a personal experience that is based upon your unique relationship and sexual needs;

How to spice up your marriagePractical tips to reignite sexual interest and desire;

How to spice up your marriageReal-life stories from couples just like you—couples who struggled to turn their passionless (and in some instances, sexless) relationship/marriage into a relationship that is sexually rewarding;

How to spice up your marriageEasy-to-use principles for effective sexual experimentation—experimentation that can only arise from a strong sense of emotional security and safety with your partner;

How to spice up your marriageHow to use sensual touch and sensory mindfulness to build intimacy-bridges that can deepen emotional intimacy and keep sexuality and desire alive;

How to spice up your marriageWhat seduction is and why it’s essential for couples in committed relationships;

How to spice up your marriageHow seduction can be used to turn each other on and stir sexual desire and longing;

How to spice up your marriageHow to effectively express your sexual needs and desires.

The above is only a partial list of what’s included in the sex, passion & seduction package.


What others are saying about the Sex, Intimacy & Seduction Package


“My husband and I gained important insights about what was standing in our way sexually. The information and exercises in How to Spice Up Your Marriage allowed us to talk and connect in ways we haven’t in a long time.”

~Barbara V., Houston, TX – married eleven years

“We struggled so long with how to initiate sex and get each other in the mood. Like so many couples who’ve been together a long time, I’d just say to my wife, ‘Hey we should have sex soon, it’s been a while,’ and sometimes we’d follow through, but most of the time we didn’t. I found Dr. Nicastro’s Seduction for Couples really helpful for setting the stage for sex.”

~ Eric L., Burlington, VT – married seven years

“It’s really easy to think of yourself as non-sexual because you don’t think about sex a lot. That’s what I kept telling myself and my boyfriend until we both started to believe it and stopped trying to have an intimate relationship. We didn’t know there are practical steps we could take to reignite each other’s sexual desire!”

~ Veronica T., Dayton, Ohio – in a relationship for five years


What’s included in the Sex, Intimacy & Seduction Package

How to Spice Up Your Marriage: Sex, Passion, Intimacy & Seduction in Committed Relationships

This information packed, 197-page ebook focuses exclusively on helping you and your partner enhance passion, sexual fulfillment and intimacy.




The exclusive bonus that you can only get with this package:

Seduction for Couples: 5 Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Having sex and wanting sex are very different. Seduction for Couples is designed to give you and your partner the tools needed to bring the “want” back into your sex lives.

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Wishing you a relationship/marriage filled with passion, seduction and intimacy!


Rich Nicastro, Ph.D.

Psychologist & Couples Counselor