About Dr. Rich Nicastro

Rich NicastroRich Nicastro, Ph.D. is a psychologist and couples counselor in the Austin, Texas area.

Dr. Nicastro has been counseling individuals and couples for more than 20 years. He ran a successful practice in Connecticut and  New Mexico before opening a private practice in Georgetown, Texas where he works with individuals, couples and runs groups.

During his career he has worked with hundreds of individuals and couples across a wide range of relationship and intimacy issues. 

Dr. Nicastro has lectured at several universities, supervised doctoral students and therapists, and in addition to psychotherapy practice, he conducts workshops to help couples build intimacy and recapture the passion in their relationship. His relationship advice has appeared on television, radio and in national magazines.

He is passionate about helping couples create deep emotional connections and believes that healthy relationships give meaning and fulfillment to our lives. His goal is to guide individuals and couples as they implement the skills that will allow their marriage/relationships to flourish.

He can be reach at (512) 931-9128 or through his website, www.RichardNicastro.com.